Master Artistic Research

Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire, The Hague




The Master programme is officially registered to the Royal Conservatoire as a research path within the ArtScience Interfaculty. In practical terms, this means that students are officially registered at the Royal Conservatoire, even if their study directions are in the visual arts. Upon completion of the programme, students are awarded the Master of Music degree. Admission to the Master programme requires a Bachelor in one of the disciplines of the arts from a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO/Hogeschool) or an equivalent Bachelor of Arts degree earned abroad.

Prospective students are also required to demonstrate affinity for theoretical research, artistic reflection or both. The working language of the Master programme is English, and proficiency in both speaking and writing is required. Applications and letters of motivation should be written in English.

Once these entrance requirements have been met, applicants are judged according to the following: a portfolio of artistic work; a research proposal and/ or study plan that clearly demonstrates an understanding of and affinity with research. Interviews are held following an initial pre-selection of potential students.

Priority deadline: 1st of March 2016

Final deadline: 30th of April 2016

Please seeĀ HOW TO APPLY for further information